Monday, July 11, 2011

I can has costume?

Yes. Yes, I can.

Although it's about five months away, I'm already getting prepared for New Year's. A couple of years back my family hosted a rather large New Year party where costumes were the theme. That same year, I had a costume party for my birthday.
I suppose I'm following a bit of a theme, because for my birthday, I was a sort of manga-Alice in Wonderland; New Year's, I went as Gothic Lolita meets Moulin Rouge.
This (next?) year, I've decided I must must must do a Steampunk inspired costume.
Because when I'm ill, the only thing I really feel like doing is watching TV, drawing, and writing, I have spent the night battling rather large stomach pains and nausea and fever (oh joy!) to bring the following ideas to life. I haven't drawn accessories as I figure they'll come as I find them, mainly through rootling through jewellery boxes of various female relatives and hunting out Spotlight.
However, the costume:
I've been inspired by the new Sherlock Holmes release (that awesome crazy one with Robert Downey Jr), specifically by Rachel McAdams' character, Irene Adler. After seeing a plenty of outfits with skirts (which I'm not a fan of unless they're fitted, usually, as I'm a pencil skirt lady myself), I stumbled upon her outfit:
Irene, according to the original Sherlock Holmes stories, used to cross-dress. Rather than this being out of a sexual/transvestite-esque nature, this was more for social reasoning. Suppose it was easier to race around Victorian England and outwit Holmes when not restricted by volumes of skirts.
I can't find the sort of pants I want, however. I know they'll have to be cheap; I'm not going to spend money on high-waisted trousers (which over here are mainly wide-legged) that I'll have to alter into skinnies for the best booted effect.

I did want a bit of femininity for the blouse, however, and ruffles and lace would serve nicely. Etsy has a few that I'll look into buying unless I can find extra cheap alternatives at Target or something.
This one is my favourite:

The suspenders, simple ones that I'll easily be able to find:

The belt, haven't got a clue yet. That's more a figment of my imagination; at worst, I'll have to fork out the money for pleather and be crafty. At best, a costume store around here may be able to help out.

I have a jacket that I've recently changed the buttons on (darn you Tash) that will be absolutely perfect when I change the buttons back. I'm contemplating incorporating the layered look if I can find a vest, as it'll be summer over here and I refuse to die of heat exhaustion. 
Then again, with my shoes... Payless has a lovely pair of lace-up knee high boots which may be on sale. If the tax return comes through quickly, I'm going to get them early and break them in. 

I have fallen in love with the concept of goggles; once again, costume store will be useful. If not, I've fallen in love with these:
They're not hugely exxy for a one-off use, and they're also amazingly gorgeous. Adore.

I'm going to rent a top hat, or buy one if there's a cheap one around. The leather thing, I am okay with compromising on.

Anyway. Felt like posting for giggles... makeup will be a pain in the butt, but I'll hopefully find someone who can do it for me gratis.

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  1. Oo me too me too! On the Steampunk-Irene-inspired-costume! I watched the movie in awe of ALL the costumes. I want to design a Victorian/Steampunk inspired costume(s). Sherlock's shirts are gorgeous too with modern denim skirts and boots perhaps. They would fall like baggy blouses. Annd I LOVE her gowns, the pink color not so much, the fitting and the poofy tush more like!
    My first time here, its a beautiful page! Pleasure meeting you! :) See ya around.
    Good luck with your costumes! (A little late for that luck, I realized later) :P