Saturday, July 9, 2011

30 Days of Books, Day 19.

Okay, I completely understand this is borderline crazy, and this'll be equalling 3 posts in one day.
But I feel bad about this challenge not being done in thirty days (woe for my future career as a writer; already I suck at deadlines), and so I'm cramming.

[Favourite book turned into a movie.]

When a book is made into a movie, the fanbase is generally incensed. You only have to have watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with a cinema full of cloak-wearing fans to understand the horror. "But... but that never happened!" "Why is Neville assuming Dobby's role?" "WHERE ON EARTH IS CHARLIE WEASLEY?" And, too, in Order of the Phoenix. "That so wasn't long enough for Snape's memories!" "Hang on, Sirius died and Harry's just turned emo? What happened to the blinding rage?"
Etcetera, so on, so forth.
However, the general consensus I'd heard about The Notebook was that the film was actually better than the book.
My Nutri-Grain is flying everywhere.
Then again, I'm so tough, I don't need any more Iron Man food.
I think the movie was a lot less daunting than the book. Yes, I know the book's only a centimetre thick, but I opened the book to an elderly couple, and they reappeared far too often for my liking. (Sorry, Old Noah.)
Also, I'll be vapid. I really, really, really quite like beardless Ryan Gosling.

I think they just put the most necessary parts of the book into the movie. The parts that the fans needed, and the parts that made this book just work so well. As I just mentioned to Glen, this movie was the first to make me cry.
(No, Daniela, we're not mentioning the Lion King because I was heavily PMSing then, and I'll cry at Dora the Explorer when I'm in that state of mind.)
Noah was an adorable character, and while Allie was significantly less likeable - Bridget Vreeland all over again - I still developed an emotional attachment to her. I wanted her to be with Noah. Lon, while a nice guy, wasn't for her.
And in the movie they did it so well. The characters fit together so nicely in the book, and the actors slipped into these roles and into this relationship with ease. Also, James Marsden as Lon was inspired. Once again, he lost the lady.

I'm so sad, my shirt's evaporated.
I'm crying behind these rock hard abs. 
Anyway, final post for the night. 
I've been uber-sick tonight (how indie am I?) so I'll see you all tomorrow, hopefully with less nausea.

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