Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The boy who lived... come to die.

A line so beautifully uttered by Ralph Fiennes, inhabiting the body of Voldemort for the last time.
Yes, at 6.30 this evening, I was nestled in a freezing cinema waiting for the last instalment of what had taken over my life in 1999. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. The first showing in Lismore.
It was an understatement to say I was excited.

As the film starts as abruptly as the first part ended, it was so flipping easy to get lost in it once more. (Then again, it's never been difficult to lose myself in Hogwarts.) Tomorrow when I'm slightly more coherent - I've got a fangirl-worthy version of tomorrow's blog on my phone - I'll post a proper review, but my favourite points:

  • Voldemort's laugh. Oh, wow, that was hilarious. Unintentionally so, most probably, but hilarious.
  • Ron and Hermione finally busting out the kissing and hand-holding. Everyone applauded when that finally happened, as well they should have; we've been waiting for it since the first movie!
  • Neville's "OH YEAH? YOU GONNA GET ME?" Ah, Neville, you're perfect in all ways. 
  • The adorableness of baby Snape.
  • They were actually extremely faithful to the books, especially in parts where I didn't think they'd be. (Molly Weasley's "NOT MY DAUGHTER"? Priceless. So glad they included that.)
  • How awesome was the dragon?
Parts I was slightly disappointed with:
  • Teddy Lupin, where were you? *cries*
  • The epilogue. Could have been closer to the book; James derisively informing Ginny that he "can't give a professor love" then kicking Albus for the heck of it would have amused me greatly.
  • Kreacher's army was totally missing.
  • Percy sort of appeared, without any reference. And then Fred died, without any reference. Guyssssssssssss, why? 
Blergh. Enough. Need sleep. :/
But go see it (like I really need to tell anyone, if seeing how many wizard-children had flocked to the cinemas after we left for the midnight showing is anything to go by).
That sentence was atrocious.

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