Friday, June 24, 2011


In case you're not aware - though the widget on the side would probably be a big hint - I'm on Twitter.

You should come follow me because I'll tweet something awesome once in a blue moon, and those are pretty good odds.

On Twitter, I follow a whole bunch of writery people. Occasionally, these writery people follow me back. Can we have a moment to squeal over John Birmingham following me on Twitter? Can we please?
Anyway, that's... not my point. My point is the following tweet.

When this tweet travelled into my feed, I got pretty excited. No words give me more excitement than 'weekend' and 'reads'; both distinctly imply not having to work, and as I work in a deli as my main mode of sourcing tehmonehs, I feel glee when weekends arise.
But underneath the excitement, a small voice was trying to get my attention.
Weekend reads, Tash? Actually planning what book you'll read? You?
Of course, I replied with some variation of "Hush now, child, Mummy's tweeting."
But you never plan what you're going to read. You have books all over the house, lying face down in probable pain. And more often than not, you rudely ignore those books and pick up other ones.
I silenced the voice with a glare, and clicked on the reply link.
Mental blank.

Penguin, I cannot reply to your tweet succinctly. So, for an appropriately bookish Friday, I have decided to hunt out all the books I currently have lying around my house, ready to be picked up and flicked through at random.

And, because the weather around here is so darn depressing, DVDs are in order.

All in all, Penguin, it'll be a lazy weekend for me, and I'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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