Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Days of Books, Day 9.

[A book you didn't think you'd like but ended up loving.]

Looking at my usual book tastes, this one is a definite winner in this category.

I can't really remember this book - I read it in year 8, but with so many other books that year I've just forgotten specifics completely. I do know, however, that it was amazing. My brother was desperate to see the film, and Dad, having seen and read this, insisted that the book had to be read first.
(My brother isn't much of a reader.)
So Chris read this, taking his usual time. I thieved it from him whenever he left it lying around.
A few months later, Chris was allowed to watch the movie. And I watched it with him, in awe and happiness. This book was just... fabulous. Amazing. Win in all ways.
And death, killing, and a horse's head? Somehow, I was able to cope with all of that.

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