Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 days of Books, Day 4.

[Your favourite book from your favourite series.]

All the other stories in this series were beautiful. They were excellent, amazing, lovely, and a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon in a Brisbane apartment.
But this one? 
Maybe it was the bantering between Tim and Sydney, or just the overall Twelfth Night-ish vibe to the entire scenario. You know, girl assumes identity of boy, falls in love, etcetera so on so forth. Any Shakespeare allusion makes me tingle all over with excitement. (So, yes, I'm an absolute pain to be around when watching She's The Man and Ten Things I Hate About You and Lion King.) 
Whatever it was, I was besotted. I actually read this one second in the series; I picked up That Certain Spark first and was overly confused. But this one, Cathy Marie Hake does excellent backstory and even though the cynic in me sits there going, "Haha, lack of women's rights and lack of indoor toilets and acceptable plumbing? Not fun at all", I still get kind of fuzzy. Those tingly fuzzies that are all, "I so want to be a pioneer woman in America circa 1890."
So when I get all down about whatever's happening here, I can eagerly step back to all the wondrousness of Gooding, Texas, in the 1890s. 
And life gets blissful for a little moment or three. Or five, as it were.

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