Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Reading

Over the next few weeks - basically, when I get my act together - I'm going to be slowly migrating over to Wordpress. It's the next step in mastering All The Internet, and being able to add all my customised shebang to make my work look pretty. Tentatively, you'll be heading to (trying to consolidate all the things).

In an attempt to become more organised, I've been checking out a wide variety of home-making blogs. 

I am the least organised person that could possibly exist. Actually, scratch that; where my computer and phone are concerned, I am as organised as could possibly be. In my physical possessions? No. Not at all.

Anyway, one of the blogs I stumbled upon was the delicious Jones Design Company, and while I loved all the pretty pictures and Things I Could Theoretically Do, I found something that was far more up my alley.

A Book Week Link-Up.

So, of course I stumbled upon this when the week was almost up, but what I'm going to do is do this in reverse order. Below this post, I shall post links to my other bookish posts, which shall come out once a day for the next week.

Click the picture at the end of this post, and you'll be able to see all the other readers that have joined in this link-up.

And now, Tash, you can get to the actual point like a proper writer would.

I'm imagining my lovely bookstore buddies gasping at me in horror, but as of late I've actually been reading on my phone. I use Bluefire, Kindle and iBooks. Kindle is great for free books (Pride and Prejudice has been getting a re-read thanks to the enormously wonderful Lizzie Bennett Diaries, which you should all be watching - that link will take you to the entire playlist). Bluefire, for my ebooks bought from Koorong. iBooks? PDFs, and books that I have stolen from friends. 

On my iBooks and Bluefire apps, I've been reading Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series, for what would be the five hundredth millionth time (if my grandmother's taught me anything, it's that Chileans are allowed to exaggerate). 

I'd take a picture, but... it's weird to do that on a phone without it looking odd.
They're your typical Christian fiction, but something in me always enjoys reading these books, especially around Christmas. If you're looking for something light and in the Christian romance genre, go for it. They're set in the American pioneer-era (I cannot, for the life of me, remember actual dates). 

In addition to these (because I am physically incapable of reading one book at a time), I have also been reading an actual proper book with pages and things! Or, I should say, I read an actual proper book.

And along with a picture, you get a delightful shadow (yes, that is my handand my phone).
I bought this after an interview, knowing I had an hour on a train ahead of me. There's a discount bookstore in the Valley train station, and I made sure I had time before my train left to have a bit of a hunt.
Result? This book, for the astonishingly low $9.99.
Sarah-Kate Lynch is a New Zealander (so close enough to home that I feel like I'm reading local fiction). The prose in this isn't high-brow, but the story's nice, and I did find myself getting lost in it. The train ride from Brisbane to Robina went pretty fast. And, unlike most chick lit, the ending wasn't entirely predictable. It's described as a novel "in the delectable tradition of Chocolat" (another book I need to read), and the Tuscan surrounds made me feel like I wasn't heading through Beenleigh and Logan with a screaming baby in the carriage.
In addition, the old widows were brilliant. I want to be an old lady like them.

Time to link up! Click the picture below to check out Emily's read (yet another I need to start on), and what her readers have been devouring. Then, over the next week, below will be steadily updated with links.

what i'm reading

Tash's Book Week links

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note: the last two are random categories I've made up so as to get a full seven days out of this.

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