Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm sort of lost now I'm not writing essays...

As of yesterday, I did my last essay for this semester.
Begone, five units of absolute torture and wenchness! (Actually, the fifth unit - my Creative Writing one - wasn't so bad. I seem to recall a post where I lamented writing a story, but that's me being dramatic.) Hello, holidays and relaxation!

I'm back down in NSW, which basically means that it's freezing. Freezing cold everywhere. It's a bit of a change from Brisbane. Brisbane, I'd be wearing shorts and a tee and be huddled under a blanket, complaining that I was about to get frostbite. NSW, I'm rugged up with jackets aplenty and socks that basically look like I've stolen an entire sheep to make them, while huddled under a blanket with the heater on.
and she thinks she's going to cope in London and Melbourne, I hear you all saying. 
I also hear your raucous laughter. 

So, plans for the holidays?

  1. Getting a new nose for starters. No, I'm not attempting to look like Michael Jackson/Crazy Cat Lady. I can't quite breathe through the nose, which I've probably mentioned at some point or another. Anyway, I'm getting that sorted on Tuesday apparently. Going to be slightly strange actually being able to breathe through my nose and smell things...
  2. I'm going to beg my Nana (and possibly bribe her) to finally pass her recipe for empanadas and sopapillas onto me. I don't get such delicious things in Brisbane, and no one, and I mean no one, has ever been able to make empanadas that rival my Nana's. However, she's always been extremely secretive about her recipes, and basically all I've ever been permitted to do is put the filling (which she's made before I've come over) in the empanadas, and fold them appropriately. Oh, and eat them. Eating them is always good.
    Brisbane buddies, expect this at some point or another, because I am not going back up to Brisbane until I have me some recipes.
  3. Because I've been asked to do it, I'm continuing on with chapter 2 of the aforementioned story. This can only happen once I get a laptop again. Stanley has officially kicked the bucket and I'm looking forward to welcoming Minerva to the group once Dad finds me a decent laptop. Currently, I'm writing on my Tata's laptop, borrowed for the purposes of writing my final essay. 
  4. Sew some things for the new house. Oh, yeah. Trina, Nick and I have moved! We're now living in a lovely house with gloriously large rooms, a gloriously large garden, and a gloriously large kitchen. My room was once a sunroom, making the room delicious in winter... but, oh man, does that sun shine brightly! At 6am for the two nights I was there, I ended up having to flee to the living room (compared to my room, it's coffin-like darkness) to keep sleeping. I'm also going to do up a few cushions, and maybe find a pretty new seat for my sewing room. Yes. I get a sewing room. I'm going to put my desk and stuff in there too.
  5. Figure out a decent recipe for Dulce de Leche cupcakes. I have a jar of the stuff that isn't really getting used... so why not?
The Spanish fest is also coming to Brisbane, so I'm going to embrace the quarter-heritage (or is it eighth? It's not a huge amount anyway, but I'll claim it) and have a fun weekend of shenanigans and win when I'm back up in Brisbane. Trina is coming with me and I'm fairly certain we'll end up dragging some more awesome folk along.

Time for me to pass out, I think. I'm dead tired (unusual, really, but it seems down here I end up with my grandma's sleeping habits) and should probably curl up for the night.

finally finally holidays

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