Monday, December 19, 2011

Because there's half an hour to go, I'm rounding up. Down? Down.
(I was never born to do maths.)
It's five days until Christmas. This is particularly alarming to me. This is my last year as a teenager. My last Christmas as a teenager.
I know that I'm technically an adult in the eyes of the government (such fools you are, government) but it sort of feels weird. In about 3 months, I'm twenty years old. It has gone pretty darn fast.

But that's not the point to this post.
Basically, a thing of note (cue shoddy iPhone formatting):
• There are shenanigans happening on the Christmas charts in England. Mr Alex Day, that guy I've written about, is attempting to become the first unsigned artist to reach number one for Christmas. Or something. I've been paying bucketloads of attention to the technicalities, but basically if you buy the song, proceeds go to charity, Alex wins the Internet.

You should do things, and I should link to things. Make all our lives easier.
I hope that link works. Go forth and do things.

So this year has been pretty fun. I'm sort of wanting to curl up in this house forever, but degrees are needed. You know why? Because the second I get my degree, I am flinging myself onto a plane and becoming an Englishlady.

Bring on 2012, bring on Christmas, bring on a no 1, and bring on the hordes of customers awaiting me tomorrow.

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