Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After getting a comment on my old costume post (muchas gracias, Kiwi), I thought I should update it.
When I was in the initial throes of costuming, it was winter. When winter hits, I always feel like it'll never end. Thus, I went with the gorgeous, but not-so-practical-for-summer, steampunk awesome costume.
I also came to the conclusion that my bank account would be attacked gruesomely if I went like a lonely loner down that lonely road.
So I have changed it again, mwahahahaha.

Basically, this time I've decided to go with a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I was going to go Amanda Seyfried style, but practicality won out. (I am uncoordinated at the best of times, and dancing in heels with a floor length gown and cape isn't the cleverest concept.) The cape - made from a deliciously deep red - hits somewhere between mid-thigh and knee, and falls beautifully. I doubled up the fabric on the hood, so it's quite heavy, but it sits nicely as well. Under this, I'll be wearing an old white shirt of mine that I'm currently trying to reconfigure into an off-the-shoulder blouse, plus an old black skirt of mine and a black, sort of corset-inspired, belt.
Makeup, I plan on doing winged eyeliner and red lips. I trialled the lipstick at Christmas (being a general fail at makeup) and I now have to figure out how to make it last. Eating absolutely destroyed the lips.

Battery decreasing, my charger is over thataway, so I shall update with pics in a few days.

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