Thursday, October 6, 2011

Updates galore!

So, I mentioned a while back (and yes, I'm purposely being vague out of guilt) that my Internet isn't the happiest of chappies at the moment. After awarding me far too many bills, I'm cutting back slowly. Hear that, Optus? I'm trying!
Anyway, some things have been happening, and I thought I'd share.

• I'm back writing for Discerning Bride. This time, however, I'm writing wedding stories. Yes, about actual weddings with pretty dresses. Swoon. It's very interesting; I'm getting a ton of resources for the bridal blog Maija and I have tentatively started.
• Maija and I have started a bridal blog! Okay, 'started' is a loose term. We set up the blog sort of haphazardly, then I got my first massive bill. The project is on a brief hiatus, but it'll be appearing, AND IT WILL BE AWESOME. *ahem*
• My time in the southern, newer portion of Wales is coming to a close. I'm getting sad to say goodbye - daylight savings has just begun, and it is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. However, more frequent posts will occur when I return to les Bris, because I'll be living with an IT person who knows where cheap yet expansive Internet can be found.
You have been warned.
• I've read some rather decent books lately, and some that were a bit questionable.
~ The Mercy, by Beverly Lewis. Christian romance of the Amish variety, but if that be your kettle of fish, they're very excellent. Of course, this is the final novel in the Rose trilogy (the novels being The Thorn, The Judgement & The Mercy).
~ Blood Promise, by Richelle Mead. New series, and also a spinoff from Vampire Academy. This spells very good news indeed.
~ The Siren's Song, Miranda Darling. Great read, newish release. I'll be doing a proper review when I have better net.
Slightly Questionable Reads
Okay, only one. Jaid Black's novel Deep, Derk & Dangerous was just... Words cannot accurately describe. I know I should have refused to read the book, but an old teacher of mine asked my opinion. Sigh. Put it this way, if you're a fan of having your intelligence catered to whilst reading, and not having your gender demeaned constantly, I would advise against this book. I mean, it's not just women that get the dodgy deal (though they are referred to as, quote, 'chattel' repeatedly). The men in this novel - I know it'd make men I know cringe at being associated with them, however thinly.

Anyway, brief update. I'm off to write some articles and indulge my rom-com fix.
Goodnight, todos!

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