Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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I'm in Brisbane until... probably Thursday! Maybe tomorrow, if I feel like changing my bus ticket. Probably won't happen as I am very lazy, but these things happen. I've been up here writing for Discerning Bride again, and today I went on a photoshoot.
"These things get sort of boring, don't they?" the stylist said sympathetically to me as I clutched 6 red balloons in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.
But for my very first shoot, I found it brilliant. It was beautiful. The dresses were amazing, the location divine. The dresses were designed by Wendy Makin - who is absolutely lovely - and were shot at Enoteca in Woolloongabba. Enoteca is in my favourite building ever, the Moreton Rubber building, so it was an added bonus.

When I arrived here on Sunday, I felt bleak. I didn't really want to be up here. Maybe it was stress over a new job the next day, maybe it wasn't. I felt homesick, and I desperately wanted to curl my arms around Tuscany's neck and breathe in her doggy smell (as nauseating as it can be at times). Though, as I curled up on a bus seat on the way back from the Gabba, I felt it again. The feeling that this city has beauty, and that I do love it. I don't think it'll be my home forever (at least while I'm alive), but it will for 2 years more.

I've gotten in a few shopping trips - of course - and I snuck in a trip to Koorong as I left the shoot. (My boss, who dropped me off there, also turned out to be a Christian. Things like that amaze me, just considering how God's got it all sorted.) In lieu of any sort of review, I'll post up my purchases.

This is because while I know a variety of words in Spanish, I suck at stringing them together in a coherent way. According to my grandfather, I would be embraced by Chileans everywhere, because they face the same issue and welcome the gringos who cannot speak to save their lives.
I can't help but think that if I rocked up to an interview in any Spanish-speaking country with my currently level of fluency, I would be laughed out the door.

While I love Nicholas Sparks, I must say that I have become less enamoured with him since reading A Walk to Remember.
This isn't because I disliked that book - it's because I loved it so completely and fully that anything he's written before or after has paled in comparison. The love isn't as perfect as Jamie and Landon's, and that makes me sad.
On the whole, I did like this book. It was a good read and a nice way to end the day.

I had no real purpose in buying this book - that is to say, I didn't intentionally look for it. But I feel it's what I need. I find I get myself into better habits of reading my Bible when I'm in studies and whatnot, and as I have felt a bit distanced from God, I want to change that. Immediately. This book looked interesting and useful, so I'll see how we do.

I bought this for similar reasons to the previous book, except I actually went to Koorong with the intention of buying it. I signed up for an online Bible study with Melissa Taylor, and this is the book they're studying from.
It's in week 5 and I've just bought it now. Bad Tash is bad? Yes. But Bad Tash will catch up!

I can't help but notice I've bought books with a very orange theme. 
Regardless, can we all whoop because in four days there's a new Coldplay album yes yes? I think there should be whooping all over this place.

Tomorrow I have the day at home/Chris's place, depending on what I do. The highs of freelancing - I can work at home, and watch Dr Who (of which I have recently acquired all 6 seasons, or what there is of it so far).

Anyway, I'll get back to normal scheduling soon. Goodnight - or morning, if you're in the Welshie land.

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