Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days of Writing//Random Filler Post//Absences Hardly Explained

Sweet biscuits, Blogger has changed.
I really should have expected this.

Now that uni's in that sweet lull where assignments are few (yes. I know. I've gone half a semester without writing), I figured I should get back to this. On my old blog, I wrote daily, did readings, and did assignments before the due date. I'm going to attribute this to only doing 4 units and also having no job.
Regardless, I'm awake now. Because I missed Blog Everyday in April, let's just go with Blog Over Two Months But For Thirty Days Straight. Mmkay?
(I realise that this doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but you're all used to me by now.)

30 Days of Writing
Tash is Being Lazy Again But Pretending She's Actually Productive

This works out well, because it's going to help sort my thoughts out for Novel and Memoir (a unit I'm doing at the moment for uni; it's the last unit in my Creative Writing minor). 

1- Name of current Project and back story of the name
2- Genre of the story explained in detail
3- Explain your PoV and Style of writing used
4- Describe your inspiration and what message you wish to bring across
5- Main Character Bio
6- Main Villain Bio
7- A third important characters Bio
8- Descriptions of all other important characters
9- Explain the main basis of the plot
10- Describe the world that the story happens in (use photos or graphics if you want)
11- All the Ships in your novel/ Story
12- Your favourite character to write about and why
13- Your least favourite character to write about and why
14- Which character you are most like
15- Your favourite part of the story
16- Describe any other books related to this one (eg. Prequel, sequel, follow up) or If it’s a stand alone, a sequel or prequel that you could write
17- Which published book it is most like
18- What stage of editing/ writing are you at?
19- Writing Playlist
20- If it were made into a movie, which Director would direct it and which band would make the soundtrack
21- Dream Cast (with pictures)
22- The Ten best things about your story
23- The ten things you could improve
24- Why are you going to do with it when it’s done?
25- What is the main twist/ plot point?
26- What is the most exciting scene/ chapter/ part
27- How often do you write it and in what environment?
28- Who else has read it? Or heard about it? Does anyone know you’re writing?
29- Pretend you’re a critic and give a fair but concise criticism of your project so far
30- Post a chapter or so for everyone to read and review 

This will gradually turn into a links list.
First post, coming up shortly!

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